We are aware of the high perversion of sex, saddened by its global outcome and inspired to join in the fight against rape and sexual abuse. We have a story of survival to share.


Demystify Abuse Campaign is an initiative to help victims of rape and sexual abuse heal, recover and be empowered to live above and above their traumatic past.



We organize outreaches raising awareness on rape, sexual abuse and also extend our hand of charity by donating clothes, books, food items and sanitary pads

Vulnerability Fest:

It is an informal hangout which creates a safe space where people can share and unburden deep traumatic events which oftentimes may have created some psychological, emotional damages. Vulnerability Fest gives participants opportunities to deal with pain, personal struggles and emotional hurt

Bridging the Invisible Gap:

This is a school to school visit  reaching out to the boys, encouraging them on dealing with pain while mentoring them on civic responsibility, self respect and awareness.


This is e-gathering of survivors of various challenges sharing stories of their journey.

Project Revamp:

This is an avenue where we offer to train, mentor and support survivors, furnishing them with skills and tools for purposeful living.


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