Demystify Abuse is an organization established to combat the scourge of rape and sexual abuse, by demystifying the rape agenda.

We encourage victims to own and tell their rape story, disregard stigmatization, reclaim their identity; and enjoy the freedom of God's total healing and recovery.

Our Avenues of Service

  • Awareness Outreaches: These are outdoor and indoor awareness campaigns on rape and sexual abuse, taken to schools, churches, and neighbourhoods. They also double as our outreach initiative, providing basic love gifts of clothes, books, school stationery, food items, sanitary pads, and medical supplies to participants.. ( Read More)
  • Vulnerability Fest: Is an informal hangout that creates a safe space where people can share and unburden deep traumatic events. Providing participants opportunities to deal with pain, personal struggles and emotional hurt. (Read More)
  • Project Revamp: offers to train, mentor and support survivors of rape and sexual abuse, furnishing them with skills and tools for positive and intentional reintegration into the society. Read More.
  • Positive Parenting: seeks to help parents make themselves more accessible and available to their wards, while also teaching them how to help their children through these experiences. (Read More)
  • Survivor’s Tribe: A friendzone for victims/survivors of rape and sexual abuse, helping each other through the phases of healing and recovery. (Read More)
  • Prayer Plug: A monthly prayer meeting broadcasting the victory of Christ over rape and sexual abuse.

Photo Stories

Photos from outreaches, hangouts and projects.

So far, with the team of passionate volunteers, we have achieved the following:

  • Visited 5 secondary schools across Nigeria. (Rivers State and Lagos)
  • Organized 1 outdoor Neighbourhood Outreach.
  • Visited 2 IDP camps (with relief materials)
  • Organized 3 Vulnerability Fest Hangouts(Physical and Virtual)
  • Counselled over 50 survivors.
  • Reached over 5000 persons through our various outreaches.
  • Donated books, clothes, drugs, sanitary pads, food items and stationery.

Demystify Abuse is an organization established to combat the scourge of rape and sexual abuse.
We provide physical, psychological, social, economical spiritual healing and recovery to victims by encouraging victims to speak up, providing medical, legal, financial and emotional su

Help Make Our Dream A Reality.

We are counting on your support, it will enable us go a long way in combating the scourge of rape and sexual abuse. SEND US AN EMAIL via or send us a DM via INSTAGRAM, HERE.

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