Maureen’s Story

My name is Maureen Alikor, a survivor of sexual abuse and rape. The former happened before I was fourteen and the latter on the 16th of November, 2016 by armed robbers.


With a gun pointed to my head, the robber who raped me threatened to find me and see that he made sure I didn’t graduate from the university if I ever told anyone I was raped. (apparently, he thought I was still a student. He was four years late).

I didn’t respond.

When they left (they were 3), I and my friend and roommate alerted our neighbours who were oblivious of what had just happened. And soon after, some policemen were called in and then many more neighbours arrived.

It was around 2am.

Amidst sobs, the turning point for me came when I sat on the stairs leading up to my landlords flat, and asked myself “WHAT NEXT?”

Would I obey the rapist and remain mute? or speak up and risk death or whatever would come with it.


Meanwhile, a day before the incident, I made a call for graphics designers on Facebook and I got a lot of suggestions. But I settled with Erhime Olotewo, a close friend.

I chatted him up and then called him, explaining what I needed the graphics design for. I told him I had been a victim of sexual abuse while growing up and though I had healed and moved on but I knew a lot of people who were still affected by their experience. I told him I would love to birth an initiative that fights sexual abuse and that I wouldn’t mind sharing my own story too.

I had made this decision in July of the same year while on a sickbed and wondering how the life experiences I had experienced would become helpful to humanity.


My friend and Graphics designer, Erhime agreed to send me a logo before the day was over and a few minutes to 2am, he sent in one beautiful logo via Whatsapp. And although I had reservations about the logo, I told him I would get back to him the next day, because I was in serious OVULATION PAINS and had put a call to my boyfriend.

While on the phone with the boyfriend who was trying to help me through the pain, I HEARD A LOUD NOISE, and screamed JESUS, when I discovered it was my door.

I was lying down, earpiece plugged in, my Huawei tablet fell off my shaky hands as a saw two male frames standing above me, a gun pointed at me and then to my roommate.

It was dark. There had been a power outage in our neighbourhood, so I couldn’t see their faces; all I saw was that one of them had bowlegs on a very tender frame.

They collected our phones (four in total), cash, chargers, power banks, my gold necklace, and pendant.


When they asked us to strip, I became livid and transfixed to the spot where I stood when he commanded I give him the cash in my wallet lying on the couch. When I gained my voice, my friend and I began begging. He pushed me to the ground and made to remove my short with his left hand, pointing the gun at me.

Our pleas fell on deaf ears, and we were both raped.


I decided against being silent. I knew the power of silence and how it could cripple me for years.

I knew this was the devil trying in his ways to made sure I didn’t go through with the initiative. I knew being silent would be me giving an absent human being (rapist) power over life and my decisions after forcefully having his way with me.

Sex is a beautiful gift to humanity from God, but RAPE IS THE PERVERSION OF SEX.

I am aware this perversion is one of the devil’s antics in trying to turn my heart and that of other victims away from the love and goodness of God.

It is also an agenda to limit the growth and development of victims because some side effects of rape in the life of a victim are:


And all of these are capable of stopping anyone from birthing the greatness they were destined for. We know these effects are powerful enough to keep a victim bound and I know, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am a witness and a testimony to the possibilities that abound on the other side of victory, healing, and forgiveness and that’s why Demystify Abuse Campaign was born.


From my standpoint as an individual and as Christian (a representative of Christ), I can boldly say RAPE IS MORE SPIRITUAL THAN WE THINK, but the deception is in getting mankind to believe it is simply physical.

In Demystify Abuse Campaign, while we fight, tackle and strive to put an end to rape, we know it is not just a physical fight, we also fight spiritually too. We pray.

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