Survivors Corner

Letter To My Rapist And His Kinds

Dear Rapist(s),

It’s been two hundred and twenty-nine (229) days since you and your clique broke into my house and acted based upon your juvenile stupidity, naivety, confusion and immaturity, and wow, it has been a journey. Continue reading “Letter To My Rapist And His Kinds”

Survivors Corner

A Survivor’s Tale

She is a young girl who has her own story of rape, abuse and survival.
She has chosen to speak up and demystify abuse and rape.
She was a part of the team that visited Ajigbeda Senior Girls High School, Surulere Lagos, where she shared her story
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Read her story…
“Molestation for me started at the tender age of seven. It started with a certain Uncle John. Dad lost his job Mum would drop me off at his shop when I came back from school. He would put me on his laps and ‘rock’ me or so I thought.

Continue reading “A Survivor’s Tale”