Demystify Abuse

Rape, again

Yet again, news has reached us that a 10 year old did not survive rape from an “Uncle”. Continue reading “Rape, again”

Demystify Abuse

The Success Of DACGoesToSchool

On the 13th of February, 2017 the #DemystifyAbuse team recorded another milestone as one of her pet projects Demystify Abuse Campaign Goes To School truly went to school, not to learn, but to make impact.

After the success of the maiden edition of the campaign was recorded, read here

We made an announcement that #DACGoesToSchool would commence and donations and sponsorship were solicited, many people came to our rescue, some made cash donations, some gave clothes and some others donated stationery.

We went to the school, Government Secondary School, Elekahia, (UBE).  Continue reading “The Success Of DACGoesToSchool”

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DAC goes to school


The second edition of Demystify Abuse Campaign is set to change lives, make impacts and add value.
Rape happens every day and it’s still leaving indelible and painful marks in the lives and hearts of many.
I still hurt each time I hear that another girl or guy have been raped and abused.
Yesterday, I cried bitterly at work. I cried because more and more victims are being recorded.
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