Another Rape Story, Rape Again

She was 14, now she is dead

 Obiamaka Ngozichukwu Orakwe was a 14 year old secondary school student who was raped to death by miscreants in her neighbourhood who broke into their house at Abule-Ado, Lagos State and perpetuated their dastardly act.  Continue reading “She was 14, now she is dead”

Another Rape Story

She is just 13

I received both a call and an inbox message telling me of the rape of a thirteen year old girl, by two men and yet again, my heart broke.

I couldn’t fathom how a full grown person would choose to have sexual knowledge of a minor.

We really need to be and about with matters relating to rape in our society.

We all need to be careful, but how careful can we be, when many of the cases that are reported has uncles, aunts, fathers, brothers and sisters involved as the abusers, rapists and offenders.

How careful can we be when we send our children to school, just for them to be abused and raped in their schools/

How careful can we be when we send our teenage children to the market and along the way they get abused and raped?

How careful can we be when in our own houses, they break in and end up including us in the statistic of rape victims?

Really, how careful can we be?

I believe that the offenders, abusers, rapists and those who make light of attempts are the ones who we should direct our attention to, and this as scary as it sounds includes almost everyone who is a living human on earth right now.

What hope do we have of a society void of rape and other sexual related offences?

It is possible if and when we take the battle personal as a national crisis.

A state of emergency should be declared and necessary steps be taken. It is not just about having laws in the books, we should also ensure execution of the laws are STRICTLY adhered to.

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Demystify Abuse

DAC visits IDP camp in Abuja

I lack words to express my gratitude and excitement at the just concluded demystify abuse campaign outing in Abuja.

We wouldn’t have been able to record such an success if it wasn’t for all the persons who showed us maximum support and for other foundations who rallied round to ensure a beautiful and fulfilling day at Internally Displaced Camp (IDP), new Kuchingoro, Abuja, Nigeria. Continue reading “DAC visits IDP camp in Abuja”

Demystify Abuse

Demystify Abuse Campaign Goes To Abuja

Displaced-PersonsThe need to go to IDP camps with #DemystifyAbuse campaign arose when I kept hearing of the constant rape and sexual abuse faced by most Nigerians who found themselves at these camps.
I may not have all the money in the world, but I live comfortably in a house that has a roof, I wear clothes that fit me perfectly and I get to eat food WHENEVER I am hungry,.
Most importantly I HAVE HOPE – hope for what tomorrow. and for a better life.

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A Pastor Arrested for running a baby factory and allegedly raping girls

A pastor of a Pentecostal church Christopher Tochukwu was arrested by the police force in Aba for allegedly raping girls and for allegedly operating a baby factory in no 252 Faulks road, Aba, Abia State.

A young lady who escaped being raped went ahead to tip the police of all that goes on in the said address.

Being a one time rape victim, I know the pain and trauma that comes with being a victim. Each time I read or hear stories as this, I am broken beyond words. I still pray and hope that one day rape and its siblings will become a thing of the past.
I am also of the opinion that rape offenders should always be brought to face justice.

And more awareness should be made as it regards rape and sexual abuse/molestation as it is ravaging our nation, day by day.

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I heard Demeaning Voices

I heard demeaning voicesThere are limiting voices that come at us from left, right and center, these voices are often demeaning and annoying.

These voices are known for making us look inferior, damaged or incomplete to our own selves.

These voice would give you a million and one reasons why you cannot.

Below is a comment I made on his post and I hope it helps you go achieve all you plan, dream, hope to achieve in spite of those damned voices that tell you, you can’t do this, or do that… Continue reading “I heard Demeaning Voices”