A Pastor Arrested for running a baby factory and allegedly raping girls

A pastor of a Pentecostal church Christopher Tochukwu was arrested by the police force in Aba for allegedly raping girls and for allegedly operating a baby factory in no 252 Faulks road, Aba, Abia State.

A young lady who escaped being raped went ahead to tip the police of all that goes on in the said address.

Being a one time rape victim, I know the pain and trauma that comes with being a victim. Each time I read or hear stories as this, I am broken beyond words. I still pray and hope that one day rape and its siblings will become a thing of the past.
I am also of the opinion that rape offenders should always be brought to face justice.

And more awareness should be made as it regards rape and sexual abuse/molestation as it is ravaging our nation, day by day.

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International Women’s Day 2017

Today, 8th of March is declared International Women’s Day. Women all over the world are celebrated for being women.


While I believe women should be celebrated every day for being who they are women, I still take out this time to celebrate all those women who at one point of their lives or the other have been exceptional in their living.

I raise a toast to every wife. Every mother. Every daughter. Every female.

I raise a toast to CEO’s. Entrepreneurs. Teachers. Doctors. Nurses. Writers. Photographers. House wives. Politicians. And women from every walks of life.


I am celebrating the women in all the continents; Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Asia and Antarctica.


I am celebrating women who labour day and night to ensure their families are well fed, clothed and well take care of.

I am celebrating every woman who has at one time or the other taken in the pain of the world and prayed for the world.


I celebrate every women who has suffered one form of abuse or the other, who did not let their painful ordeal put a stop to their awesomeness and to their uniqueness.

I am celebrating every women who in spite of all that is happening, have chosen to rise above it all and just live.




Happy International Women’s Day.


DAC goes to school


The second edition of Demystify Abuse Campaign is set to change lives, make impacts and add value.
Rape happens every day and it’s still leaving indelible and painful marks in the lives and hearts of many.
I still hurt each time I hear that another girl or guy have been raped and abused.
Yesterday, I cried bitterly at work. I cried because more and more victims are being recorded.
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Demystify Abuse: The Genesis


On the 16th of November 2016, armed robbers came visiting and with them came their shame and their display of shallow mindedness. After robbing, they stooped the lowest form of humanity and with their guns pointed to my head, they raped me, hoping to bring my life to a halt or even disastrous end. But they did not succeed.

Next morning, I went through all the medical sessions I was to go through and all the counseling sessions I was to receive.

On the 2nd of December, I believed it was time to push a long time dream, Continue reading “Demystify Abuse: The Genesis”