Demystify Abuse


IMG_20171025_132655 Dear Justina Nneka Ideyi

Today’s Demystify Abuse Campaign event wouldn’t have been possible without God, your huge input, big heart and the support f every other person.

I remember, when we first spoke about our girl and I could feel the passion and compassion in your voice to help, and you did, all the wayyyyyy. I was happy and very grateful you did.

When we started the talks on how we would take the campaign train your PPA (Place Of primary Assignment) I was expectant and forged in anticipation.

You helped in being the middle women between the DAC team and the school administration, you were always ready to help and assist, and at our beck and call when we needed information.

When the bike rider brought me through the far distance, I was elated and hopeful of a successful time out with the students of Bishop Fitzgibbon Memorial Secondary School, Abara-Etche, Rivers State, Nigeria. And it was. Continue reading “DAC goes to BFMSS, ABARA-ETCHE”

Demystify Abuse

As Rape Continues, we will not stop fighting

I am excited.
When I decided to push this movement, I was sure I was going to do so for the rest of my life. So help me God.
The journey began in December 2016 after the November 16th Incident and trust me there is no better way to be happy than choose to be hope crusader.
We are humans, we all have a story and I desire that we all channel our stories to world healing. I know the world is wounded and in dire need of healing.
My first visit to the IDP camp was an eye opener.
In a conversation I had with one lady from one of the IDP’s, she related how THEY get RAPED, SEXUALLY ASSAULTED, ABUSED and MOLESTED in their camps. They are already victims of the Boko Haram insurgence and now they are also victims of yet another major issue.

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Demystify Abuse

DAC visits IDP camp in Abuja

I lack words to express my gratitude and excitement at the just concluded demystify abuse campaign outing in Abuja.

We wouldn’t have been able to record such an success if it wasn’t for all the persons who showed us maximum support and for other foundations who rallied round to ensure a beautiful and fulfilling day at Internally Displaced Camp (IDP), new Kuchingoro, Abuja, Nigeria. Continue reading “DAC visits IDP camp in Abuja”

Demystify Abuse

Demystify Abuse Campaign Goes To Abuja

Displaced-PersonsThe need to go to IDP camps with #DemystifyAbuse campaign arose when I kept hearing of the constant rape and sexual abuse faced by most Nigerians who found themselves at these camps.
I may not have all the money in the world, but I live comfortably in a house that has a roof, I wear clothes that fit me perfectly and I get to eat food WHENEVER I am hungry,.
Most importantly I HAVE HOPE – hope for what tomorrow. and for a better life.

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Demystify Abuse, Opinions

I heard Demeaning Voices

I heard demeaning voicesThere are limiting voices that come at us from left, right and center, these voices are often demeaning and annoying.

These voices are known for making us look inferior, damaged or incomplete to our own selves.

These voice would give you a million and one reasons why you cannot.

Below is a comment I made on his post and I hope it helps you go achieve all you plan, dream, hope to achieve in spite of those damned voices that tell you, you can’t do this, or do that… Continue reading “I heard Demeaning Voices”

Demystify Abuse

Demystify Abuse Goes To Lagos

We are excited to announce that #DemystifyAbuse took the train to Lagos and we visited Ajigbeda Senior Girls High School, Iyun road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
Cynthia Omo a survivor shared her story, after which books were given to the students and teachers. It was a fulfilling day as some of the students came forward to speak up on their own experiences.
pictures can be seen HERE