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Demystify Abuse Campaign was birthed out of the heartfelt cry of a one time rape victim and one time victim of sexual abuse who according to society was seen as damaged and heavily flawed, but who refused to see herself as they did, understanding that many like her are also crying out to be healed and freed from the alarming screams of society’s put downs and wack opinions and views.

Demystify Abuse Campaign aims to contribute to the restructuring of the use of the mind BY changing the way the society views SEX, CONSENT AND RESPECT FOR GENDER.

Demystify Abuse Campaign also helps to reassure victims that THERE IS LIFE AFTER RAPE or ABUSE as against what they may feel.

Demystify Abuse Campaign also helps to teach victims COPING MECHANISMS all through the healing process.

Demystify Abuse Campaign has a brain child called DEMYSTIFY ABUSE CAMPAIGN GOES TO SCHOOL.

We take the campaign to schools, spreading the good news.


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