All About Us



Demystify Abuse Campaign is a project founded by Maureen Alikor
a survivor of rape and sexual abuse. After the ugly incident which happened on the 16th of November, 2016, she decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH, and this project was born.

She shared her rape story and what she intended to do here  and also to her FACEBOOK



Demystify Abuse Campaign was birthed out of the brokenness, strength, and courage of a rape and sexual abuse victim who according to society was seen as damaged and heavily flawed, but who refused to see herself so.
Understanding that the issue of rape and sexual abuse has become a massive negative culture, decided to lend a voice in combating these cultures.

The stigmatization of victims, the unpopular culture of sensitization and the lack of knowledge of the freedom from painful past were all the reason behind the birthing of this foundation.


The structure of the project is to take the message we preach to EVERYWHERE we can. So far, we have covered schools, neighbourhoods, Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDPs), Facebook ,  twitter or instagram an also on radio and television

We have a team of YOUNG and OLD VOLUNTEERS who make themselves available for every one of our OUTREACHES and in the various locations.

We Never Go EMPTY HANDED, so we give or make donations.
For every of our outreach, we try as much as possible to go with some relief materials, food items, books, items of clothing and drugs, and household items and sooooo much love, hope and laughter to go round, so as to enable us to talk the talk and also contribute to the welfare and academics of our audience


This has been majorly from friends, wellwishers, family and the general public.You can support us too by sending a mail to or calling our help desk +234 815 6614 213


Our two big goals are:
1. A society where victims will no longer be afraid to speak up about their experiences, as they seek healing and freedom from the hurt, while we pray, believe and hope that we can achieve goal 2.

2.A society where every form of RAPE and SEXUAL ABUSE will become HISTORY and humans will live in peace, love, and harmony.