A 50 year old man allegedly rapes a 15 year old girl

  • Disclaimer: people in the picture are not same as in the news.

    While reading through the nation newspaper for June 22nd and on page 6, a woman, Blessing Joshua allegedly caught her lover Oku Ekanem who is 50 years old raping her 15 year old daughter.

Could the world be sadder than this?

She said she was watching TV with her neighbour till about 1am when she eventually retired to bed when she heard the scream of her daughter.

The rapist like his counterparts stooped to the low level of blaming the devil saying “it’s the work of the devil”.

The devil has indeed suffered in our hands.

When she eventually alerted the police after been stopped by the rapist, he denied the allegations.

A test carried out proved that he really did rape her.

I am happy FIDA( International Federation Of Women Lawyers) is involved in this case and it’s my desire that these barbaric act of his will be punished duly.

So the relationship he was having with the little girl’s mother was not enough for him..

Arrant Nonsense.


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