Demystify Abuse Campaign Goes To Abuja

Displaced-PersonsThe need to go to IDP camps with #DemystifyAbuse campaign arose when I kept hearing of the constant rape and sexual abuse faced by most Nigerians who found themselves at these camps.
I may not have all the money in the world, but I live comfortably in a house that has a roof, I wear clothes that fit me perfectly and I get to eat food WHENEVER I am hungry,.
Most importantly I HAVE HOPE – hope for what tomorrow. and for a better life.

They suffer more lack than we can ever imagine.
Some of them have been raped and sexually molested repeatedly and it would an honour for me and some friends to speak against rape.
It will be an honour for me to use my OWN RAPE and SEXUAL ABUSE STORY to help restore hope of life after rape to the victims.
. I would be glad, happy, joyful and fulfilled if YOU my friends will SUPPORT me as you have always done, so we can put smiles on the FACES of our fellow Nigerians.
1. We need to get clothes, foot wears and under wears too.
2. We would need to donate foodstuff to them.
3. We would be needing sanitary pads too.
Your donations are welcome.
I cannot do this alone.
THE GOVERNMENT is doing their part, but we should contribute to making our fellow humans happy and most importantly help restore their hope.
Call or text
+2348156614213 or +2347063144541
Donations can be sent to
FIRST BANK: 3081882280
Thank you.
photo credit: google

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