A Survivor’s Tale

She is a young girl who has her own story of rape, abuse and survival.
She has chosen to speak up and demystify abuse and rape.
She was a part of the team that visited Ajigbeda Senior Girls High School, Surulere Lagos, where she shared her story
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Read her story…
“Molestation for me started at the tender age of seven. It started with a certain Uncle John. Dad lost his job Mum would drop me off at his shop when I came back from school. He would put me on his laps and ‘rock’ me or so I thought.

He actually was using me to ‘massage his penis’ there were times he would cum and my dress would be wet. Mum never noticed, doesn’t know till today.
Next was Simon, a cousin. He would use his fingers, and make me rub his penis till he came. I once walked in on him doing the same thing to my sister, I had to beg him not to touch her, he could do all he wanted with me but not her. I did that because he was hiding the act so I guessed it was wrong.
I couldn’t talk to mum because she was hardly ever available. She ran three jobs at the time.
Next was Sarah, yes, a female. I have seen things in this my small life.
At 12, I was preparing for junior WAEC, but my family had to move. I couldn’t move with them because of my exams so my mum took me to an Uncle’s place. He lived alone at the time so when I moved in, it was just the two of us.
These were the worst times of my life; it wasn’t just having my uncle in my room every night, drunk and sex starved that killed me. It was the fact that when I opened up to mum about it, she out rightly called me a liar. Mum chose to ‘protect’ her extended family over me; her first daughter.
I eventually left his house and the joy of moving in with my parents, was great but it was short-lived. Another cousin moved in with us and it was hell all over again. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t tell mum again, the answer is not far-fetched; when you tell a ‘broken’ 13 year old that she’s a liar, she doesn’t heal quick.
Rapists and Molesters are the most evil of beings but those who hear their stories, shrug and say “get over it already, you’re not the first” are probably just as worse. I’m 23 now and I have made efforts at dusting it off and moving on but I gotta say for one who got ‘exposed’ that early in life, it has been one hell of a journey. I don’t trust easy, even when I want to. This is just one of the many other “side effects” of all I’ve experienced. This is as much as I can put down in ink. It is better felt, than told.
Cynthia Omo is Lead ‘Demystify Abuse Campaign” (Lagos Chapter)
She is a Linguistics student at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
She is a writer at  http://glowville.net
She is a survivor.

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