Rape, again

Yet again, news has reached us that a 10 year old did not survive rape from an “Uncle”.

I am pained, I am hurt. My pain is fresh. I see the images from my rape experience, I see my struggles, I see my pleas which fell on deaf and hard as rock ears, I see my tears falling freely that fateful night, I see my helplessness, I see my world crumbling before me, I see my broken heart, I see myself, torn, broken and bitter.

I keep saying it, that ever since my experience, that I have become more aware at the alarming rate at which rape cases are been recorded, and our society still does little or nothing about it.

Imagine being that little girl, I remember my first experience, I was her age, and oh, it was an uncle too – it was a relative. I survived death, but did I survive the trauma, the pain, the shame and the stigma, NO.

Now all grown, I have come to accept the pain, and grown past the trauma, the shame and the God for asking stigmatization.

I may have, but I am aware of some of my sisters in the struggle who have not healed, who are still traumatized and hurts deeply,

I am still aware of the pain faced by my brothers who have had to battle rape and abuse too, but because they are male, society, looks down on their struggles and on their pain.

I am still aware of married couples who thought have given birth to their children are still paranoid about their near death rape experience and now have to be extra extra careful to keep their children from the prying eyes of animals in human clothing.

I am also aware of those young boys and girls who have been tortured into silence by society, parents, guardians and shame.

I cannot do the job of restoring hope to them all alone, it is a collective responsibility.

We all should begin talking more, acting more about rape and abuse cases, before we are faced with a world filled malfunctioning humans with scarred minds and burnt up brains who cannot contribute to the growth and development that we are all crying for.

The government have a role to play.
You have a role to play.
I have a role to play too.

So the vision of #DemystofyAbuse campaign is to bring awareness to the growing population of rape cases in Nigeria and the world and also proffer solutions, one school at a time, one neighborhood at a time, one post at a time and contributing to the healing I crave, ONE STEP At a time, one life at a time.

To support us…
Call or Text 07063144541 or 08156614213

Or send in your donations to
First Bank: 3081882280
Alikor Maureen O.
Savings Account.

We will be visiting a school in Lagos
Venue: Adegbida Senior Girls High School, Iyun Road, Stadium Hotel road, Surulere, Lagos Nigeria.

Date: 25th April, 2017.

Time: 8am prompt.


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