forgiveness: a free gift


So true forgiveness is for ourselves and not for the person who hurt us.

After my rape incident last year, I was having a talk with someone the next day about how I had forgiven the boys and had decided to run a campaign called #DemystifyAbuse ,  I remember most of the people told me to my face that if I have chosen to forgive the boys so easily after I was robbed and then raped by one of them that I enjoyed being raped.

Imagine my exclamation.
How on earth does someone enjoy rape from an unprotected young man who eventually turned out to be carrying a sexually transmitted infection?

Truth is, even when I explained that forgiveness is something I do and did for myself, they still did not buy my explanation, so I guess it was too expensive for some of them to buy. So I stopped marketing it to them.
And took my ware – and used d it on myself, that way, they saw it working.

So while you try to explain the concept of forgiveness to people, many will not understand it, till they see how much freedom and bliss you are enjoying.

Forgiveness is a free gift you give to someone not because they deserve it, but because you are that special someone who does not go about harbouring unforgiveness in their lives.


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