The Success Of DACGoesToSchool

On the 13th of February, 2017 the #DemystifyAbuse team recorded another milestone as one of her pet projects Demystify Abuse Campaign Goes To School truly went to school, not to learn, but to make impact.

After the success of the maiden edition of the campaign was recorded, read here

We made an announcement that #DACGoesToSchool would commence and donations and sponsorship were solicited, many people came to our rescue, some made cash donations, some gave clothes and some others donated stationery.

We went to the school, Government Secondary School, Elekahia, (UBE).  After their usual morning assembly, we kicked off the campaign.

I shared my rape story .

Talked to them as much as I could, mainly encouraging them and reassuring them there was life after rape and sexual abuse. Imagine their wide and curious gaze after I told them  I was a victim of rape, though now a survivor. And I am sure they were wondering why I still had a smile on…dsc_0634-49

One of our major PARTNERS DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS were also fully available, they talked on what rape is, who can be raped, the effects and damages caused by rape, what can be done for and to a rape or sexual abuse victim. They announced they offer free counseling for victims and also free and complete treatments for cases reported between 72 hours of the incident. demystify-abuse

They most importantly reemphasized the theme of the campaign THERE IS LIFE AFTER RAPE.

The students had an opportunity to ask questions. There was also a session set aside for free and confidential counseling.  (hmmmmmm, I was overwhelmed after hearing from some of the students)

We did not come empty handed, though. We promised we were going to donate books, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, meter rules(popularly called ruler), and the highlight of the event sanitary pads to female students.

It is with gladness of heart that I type this. I could not have done this alone if not for the many people for contributed to making this a success, those who gave, those we came, those who wanted to come but could not, those who went after we had left, those who supported, those who prayed and still pray for me and the campaign daily…I AM GRATEFUL. God will bless your labour of love and this seed you have sown will be a fertile ground. You shall reap a hundred fold. This seed sown will speak for you in places.

Mrs. Julia Jacks-Oku, Lemchi Amadi-Nna, Mrs. Obypee, Abosede Odunibi, Ahuchaogu Enyinna, Odeyemi Olumide(Glowville), Ifeoluwa Mercy A., Winston Ogbonda, Ofili Fidelia C. ,Ojolola Bukola, Faith Omosomme, Omolaiye Modupe, Kozz Kantie(Amadi O.Precious, Evans Akanno, Lyn Brown, Ifedy Inspire, Chioma Ibegbunam, Nsikan, Ability, Onyeka Precious, Margaret Chieme, Maureen Yobo, Asor Adookor, Ejovwoke Mary, Nwabueze Chiman,  I LOVE YOU ALL.

And to my photographer whose phone was lost on my behalf, I am deeply sorry.

This shall grow, more lives will be touched, it shall be more organized, I am still learning on the job.


#DemystifyAbuse #DACGoesToSchool


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