Hello Dearest February

Today, with joy in their heart and with dance steps on our toes we herald the arrival of a new darling month : FEBRUARY aka The Love Month.

For many of us, this month begins with a time of sober reflection. A time we sit still and ask ourselves if we have made good some of the resolutions we made when we happily screamed happy new year on the first of January. We sit back taking stock of how we spent our January, whether we were wiser or more stupid if compared to 2016.

We may not have gotten to where we long and desire to be, but we know we are going somewhere.

Today, I employ us all to begin the new month with joy, and working harder to achieve all we should do.

If there is one thing we have to take into consideration, it is Love.

We should make love a culture, not just a February 14 something. Love is the breath we take and it is the life we live. We ought to take out time every minute to make someone whether family, friends or stranger feel special.

For DEMYSTIFY ABUSE CAMPAIGN, this month is the month we would be going to a secondary school to talk about and demystify  abuse and rape.

We will also use this month to reshape the mind of both young boys and girls, making them realize that our body do not just exist to satisfy our sexual urges.

We also hope to give out  sanitary pads to young girls.We will give out books too and stationery.

Join the cause.

For donations and support

First BANK : 3081882280

Alikor Maureen O.

call or text 08156614213 or 07063144541

or send a mail to demystifyabuse16@gmail.com














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