On Rape And Opinions

While rape is fast becoming a negative trend  and recurrence, society is seen making jokes about it as though it were something healthy, beautiful, and worthy a topic to be joked around with; more hearts are being wounded, depression is on the increase, psychological traumas and imbalance is skyrocketing.

A few days ago, a comedian by name Baba D Baba made a stupid video I watched on youtube and I was filled with pure bile for this man who though he was making a joke with something as delicate as rape. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvfntSGtG_4

Good thing I am the only one who finds the comedy skit offensive and stupid.

Here is what MS. Nkiru had to say on her facebook wall


I just watched a video which was supposed to be a comedy skit, where an idiot called Baba De Baba – a comedian, opines that it is okay to have forceful sex with a girl if she refuses to have sex with you after having slept in your bed and ‘chopped your money’.

If you know Baba De Baba, please help me tell him that the thunder that will fire him is not on a ketogenic diet.

It eats carbs, and it will fire him from his scrotal sack, up to his jaw, shoot him into the sky and then plummet him into the bush where his eyeglasses will scatter and he will not see road to come out for days!

And then bush animals will forcefully sleep with him for refusing them sex after sleeping in their bed of green grass for some hours.

What an idiot.



I AGREE with her totally, there is no sense in his joke or video.


Ms. Nkiru Njoku is Didi’s sweet mother.

She is a Writer-director, TV-content producer, creative content consultant.

She is Head Writer at Mnet Tinsel
And also Head of Content at MTN Project Fame West Africa.

2 thoughts on “On Rape And Opinions

  1. Baba D Baba is not just a beast but also belongs to the zoo. If comedians are licensed his should be withdrawn. If they have a body/association, he should be sacked. And may nobody invite him to occasions. If he’s married, the wife should know that she lives with an animal & should consider her safety. If not married, we will see to it that he stays single.

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