On Rape And Opinions 2

After His first show of stupidity, the comedian uploaded another video, then sends Ms. Nkiru a private message which contained a link to a video, asking her rudely to go watch.


If we all have this zero tolerance for rape, and rape related jokes, then together we can put a stop to this stupid trend.

I’m about to head to bed and I get a ‘message request’ and because I’m a Facebook junkie I decide to check this message. It could be important, you know.

It turns out to be from our Rape-joke fiend.

In it he says a part two of the crap he put out the other day is out. ‘Watch it’. He tells me. And then he adds a link.


A friend said to watch it and see if he was trying to make amends with this new video, before jumping to ‘judge’ him. I have days when I have a few benefits of the doubt to pass around, but today isn’t one of such days so I politely told my friend to fuck off.

Other friends have summoned the required patience to watch the video and have said it is some sort of attempt at making nice. Unfortunately there’s still a ‘ladies avoid getting raped’ thing about it. Whether he said this directly or it was implied isn’t of any interest to me.

I just have this to say:

If like me you have ZERO tolerance for jokes lacking in sense and empathy, and which seek to punish victims rather than perpetrators of rape, then you’d still want to continue to speak out against people like this fellow.

And you do not have to have been raped for you to be angry enough. Nope.

However, if you have been raped, if you have been violated ever before – your breasts fondled just because the idiot could get away with it, your arse slapped or your vagina touched without your consent, just because your molester could, then you know that rape isn’t something to be silent about.

But when you do speak about it you know it certainly isn’t anything to laugh about.

We don’t have to wait until all our sisters and daughters (and yes even sons) have been raped before we start to speak up, shout out, and re-educate minds about rape.

It starts with you. And me.

We must always speak out against people like this vile fellow who invaded my inbox with his silliness this morning.

It’s not enough that he throws that shit around on the internet where I most likely will see it, but he posts a link in my inbox, and orders me to ‘watch it’.

Fuck you, oh vile idiot, Mr Rape Ambassador. May you get the useless popularity you’re looking for, and may it bite you in the arse when you are the least expecting it.

Like a friend reminded me today, the Internet never forgets. And with you, when the Internet remembers you, and gives you the ‘fame’ you’re looking for, may you have the good graces to feel even a little bit stupid. Because that’s what you are at the bottom of everything.

Good morning to the rest of you who do not think rape is a joke. Have a fine day.”

Ms. Nkiru Njoku is first Didi’s mother.
She is alo a Writer, a director, TV-content producer, creative content consultant.
She is Head Writer at Mnet Tinsel
She is also Head of Content at MTN Project Fame West Africa.

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