DAC goes to school


The second edition of Demystify Abuse Campaign is set to change lives, make impacts and add value.
Rape happens every day and it’s still leaving indelible and painful marks in the lives and hearts of many.
I still hurt each time I hear that another girl or guy have been raped and abused.
Yesterday, I cried bitterly at work. I cried because more and more victims are being recorded.

Rape is gradually becoming a norm and it should be eradicated.
We can’t continue giving rape this silent treatment, and letting it wreck lives, and damage egos and leave us in psychological traumas that take years to heal from.
Being a one victim of both rape and abuse, I know what it feels like and it is my wish that this menace is put to end fast. Girls do not need to be living in perpetual fear of guys.

The world is still turning, people are going about their normal activities, but we have more bleeding and hurting people who are not willing to talk about their experiences because they believe they have been damaged, but I have one message, demystify abuse campaign has one message, THERE IS LIFE AFTER RAPE AND ABUSE.
We intend to visit one school at a time with our message.

YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED. We did it before, we can do it again.
We need:

For sponsorship call or text:

You could send your financial support to the account detail:

First Bank: 3081882280
Alikor Maureen O.



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