Demystify Abuse: The Genesis


On the 16th of November 2016, armed robbers came visiting and with them came their shame and their display of shallow mindedness. After robbing, they stooped the lowest form of humanity and with their guns pointed to my head, they raped me, hoping to bring my life to a halt or even disastrous end. But they did not succeed.

Next morning, I went through all the medical sessions I was to go through and all the counseling sessions I was to receive.

On the 2nd of December, I believed it was time to push a long time dream, so the announcement of the Demystify Abuse Campaign was launched on my personal blog,

follow the link to read up


Alas, the birthing of a long time dream made possible from the stings of life and its hurdles.

With Demystify Abuse Campaign, Pain meets Passion, purpose and  births positive outcomes.


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